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Cat Boarding Application for New Clients

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You need to mail or drop off a current copy of your vaccination records within 3 days of submitting this application:*

I will have the records mailed to within 3 days of submitting this application

I will mail or drop them in within 3 days of submitting this application to 22 Rivercrest Road, Tumut 2720.

Exact date of last F3 vaccination from a vet:*

GENERAL TERMS:Tumut Pet Resort will exercise reasonable care for the safety of your pet and to keep the boarding premises safe and secure. Tumut Pet Resort’s liability for any boarded pet will not exceed $25. Pet owner is solely responsible for any property damage or bodily injury inflicted by the boarded animal. Tumut Pet Resort cannot guarantee against accidents. Tumut Pet Resort recommends pet insurance. We will not be liable for loss or damages to pet’s belongings. I authorize my cat’s photo to be published.*


VACCINATIONS/HEALTH: All cats must be current on vaccines for feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus and feline panleukopaenia. This is often referred to as a F3 vaccination. The owner must provide to Tumut Pet Resort the veterinarian records on paper or by email for this vaccine at least 48 hours prior to boarding. (Records may be emailed to All animals accepted for boarding must be of free of fleas and ticks; Owner will be charged a $50 fee for any animal that is dropped off with parasites. Owner hereby represents that this pet has not been exposed to Feline Parvo within the last 30 days.*


BOARDING REQUIREMENTS: Cats are to be dropped off in a hard-sided carrier or crate (collars and harnesses must be removed.) Cats always have dry food and clean water in their enclosure. Owners may provide usual food and treats. Dry food is best in large, labeled Zip lock bags. Canned food will be given upon request at a cost of $2 per serving (owner must provide).  Owners may also bring treats and toys. All items brought in must be CLEAN, and labeled with your pet’s name and NO heirlooms. PLEASE do not bring your pet’s dishes.*


MEDICATION & TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION: Prescription medications must be provided in the original container with the veterinarian’s Instructions, It will be administered as prescribed for a charge of $2 per dose charge. Over-the-counter meds may be given at a $2 per dose charge. Tumut Pet Resort is authorized by the owner to seek veterinary advice and care, including but not limited to emergency care, at their discretion and at the owner’s sole expense. Tumut Pet Resort will attempt to contact the owner before obtaining this care if possible, but this document serves as full authorization to obtain veterinary care for the pet at the owner’s expense, whether or not owner has been contacted.*


PAYMENT TERMS: Owner agrees to pay current boarding price (as listed on website) and for all specialty services in advance. No cash refunds will be issued for any reason; boarding credit (valid for one year from issue) will be issued for cancellations with 24-hour notice, with the exception of Easter and Christmas school holidays. No credit will be issued for early returns or late departures. Access to pet will be denied and pet will not be released until all charges are paid in full. *


I understand that I will be charged a DAILY RATE for boarding, NOT a nightly rate, like a hotel. I also understand that I must pay all fees in advance, and that I may not post date a cheque.*


I understand that no one besides myself or my prearranged nominated person is allowed in the cattery at any time.*


This contract shall be legal and binding for one year from the following date, and will automatically renewed, and will include any and all boarding during that period. This contract contains entire agreement, and shall be binding upon heirs, administrators, personal reps or assigns of either party. Any controversy arising from this agreement will be settled by arbitration according the New South Wales Arbitration Laws, with the expense of such paid by the pet owner, regardless of prevailing party.

I agree that this document has been signed and given the same legal status equivalent to a written signature.

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